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Leading the Way

Paul H. Ernest, M.D.Throughout his entire career, Dr. Paul Ernest has been committed to offering only the most advanced vision correction techniques and believes in using every means possible to provide the best solution for each of his patients. Dr. Ernest is recognized in his field for his innovation and dedication; he has been voted one of the top 100 doctors in the country several times over and attracts patients from all over the U.S.

Dr. Ernest is proud to offer a wide array of vision correction options, including suture-less cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery with advanced IOLs, restoring clear sight to over 70,000 of his patients. He also uses the Femtosecond laser for LASIK surgery. Even though he is always looking ahead to the newest technology in the field, Dr. Ernest never loses sight of his guiding principle—commitment to the well-being and healthy vision of every patient.

Creating Customized Vision

Cataract surgery is constantly changing with new lens options and technology. If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, selecting a surgeon that will work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your vision is important. Dr. Ernest takes time during your exam to determine your eye health, learn what is important to you, what your hobbies are then uses a system to determine what lens is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Depth-of-Focus Lenses

A new category of intraocular lenses called "Depth-of-Focus" or "Extended Range of Focus" is helping patients see at varying distances, providing an extended range of vision unlike conventional monofocal or "single vision" lenses. For today's active cataract patients these advanced lenses provide functional, high quality vision from far distance to near to minimize the use of glasses. Although they might still prefer to wear glasses for prolonged reading, the vast majority of patients experience freedom from glasses for tasks such as driving, watching TV, using their cell phone and computer, and menus.

Dr. Ernest Appears on the Bart Hawley Show

Dr. Paul Ernest appeared on the Bart Hawley Show last week to discuss the new lens for cataract surgery that is changing the game.
View Dr. Ernest on the Bart Hawley Show

Dr. Paul Ernest on The Bart Hawley Show from JTV Studios on Vimeo.

Dr. Paul Ernest on the Bart Hawley Show

Dr. Paul Ernest appeared on the Bart Hawley Show last week to discuss the new lens for cataract surgery that is changing the game.
View Dr. Ernest on the Bart Hawley Show

Dr. Paul Ernest on The Bart Hawley Show from JTV Studios on Vimeo.

What's New in Cataract Surgery

3 things you should know about the revolutionary ReSTOR 2.5 "Lifestyle Lens" that's changing the game

Advancements in cataract treatment are producing dramatic vision improvements for patients. For those afflicted by cataracts, a newer lens is emerging that won’t compromise an active lifestyle.
It’s estimated over 60% of Americans develop cataracts, which create blurred or distorted vision, at some point in their lives. We’re in a time where the population is living longer and much more focus is now put into healthy aging. Studies are revealing that remaining active is among the most important lifestyle factors for good health at older ages.

World Renowned Ophthalmologists Named Honored Guest for the 2016 ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress

Paul H. Ernest, M.D. will receive the Honored Guest Award at the 2016 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Symposium in May. He will be given the prestigious award in recognition of his significant contributions to the advancement in the field of ophthalmology.

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New Revolutionary "Lifestyle Lens" for Cataract Patients

Now available, the AcrySof IQ ReSTOR +2.5 D "Lifestyle Lens" provides a new option for active-lifestyle patients to see and do the things they love. Many of today's cataract patients enjoy an active lifestyle, participating in activities that require intermediate and distance vision such as driving, golfing, shopping and playing tennis. With this new lens you have options for meeting your lifestyle needs.

The AcrySof ReSTOR 2.5 "Lifestyle Lens" is a great choice for:

  • Active cataract patients
  • Unimpaired distance vision
  • Intermediate vision
    • Dashboard of car
    • Cell Phone
    • Watch
    • Desktop Computer

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ernest to learn more.


How the Femtosecond Laser is Improving Cataract Surgery

It's estimated that 60 percent of Americans will develop a cataract in their lifetime. As the most common cause of vision loss, untreated cataracts potentially could lead to blindness. There are varying treatment options for cataracts and revolutionary technology is making cataract surgery more precise and effective than ever. That technology is the femtosecond laser…

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Dr. Ernest Presents at ASCRS on Treating Astigmatism

Dr. Ernest Discusses Cataract Surgery on the Take Five & Company Show in Grand Rapids

Dr. Ernest joins the Take Five & Co. Team to talk about cataract surgery. Watch the full video

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