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"Dr. Ernest, Thank you! I want to express my appreciation to you - my vision improvement is wonderful! As of four days after the surgery, I could see more clearly without glasses than previously with them, for years. Bright light sensitivity and their ability to work together is far better too!"

"In addition, the people of your staff are all very considerate."

Thank you again!
Cataract Patient, Jackson, MI


Patient shares story of how cataract surgery has improved her quality of life

Patient shares story of how cataract surgery has changed her view of the world around her

Patient shares story of how he can now drive again after Cataract Surgery with Dr. Ernest

Dr. Ernest's patient enjoys looking at her christmas tree and other lights without the halos and glare from her cataracts after her surgery

Dr. Ernest's patient was happy to have her astigmatism corrected and excited to have her cataract surgery on her other eye