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Does Poor Vision Impact Quality of Life?

Paul Ernest, MD pictured with the LenSx Laser for Cataract Surgery

A cataract can cause sharp images to become blurred and bright images to become dull. It can also contribute to difficulty with night driving. When sight is compromised – your quality of life is compromised. Each year, nearly 22 million Americans age 40 and older are affected by cataracts and seek some form of treatment.

The best option for correcting cataracts is surgery. But not just any cataract surgery – The LenSx® laser is the first FDA-approved laser for use inside the eye. This sophisticated piece of equipment, which makes cataract surgery safer, is the most precise and the most effective for the majority of patients. TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers is the first in Michigan to offer their patients this advanced treatment. The precision of the laser allows patients to have customized vision with multifocal lenses. Patients can now choose to have vision for distance, intermediate, and near without glasses. The LenSx laser, skillfully guided by an experienced eye surgeon, creates incisions which reduce astigmatism for patients undergoing the cataract surgical procedure. In addition to correcting astigmatism and providing vision at all levels, patients can also maintain monofocal vision that they were accustomed to with previous use of contact lenses.

As Baby Boomers, we want to stay young and active as long as we can. Bringing LenSx to my fellow Boomers brings me great pride and gives my patients the best in customized vision treatment available in Michigan.

Read the full article published in the June 2012 Issue of Jackson Magazine